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Your special event should have a beautiful cake as the centerpiece. Or maybe you envision an entire dessert table with cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and more…

At Cafe Pierrot, we can make your custom dessert visions become reality. Our gourmet choices have the best ingredients, so you always know it will taste great.

Tell us about your event, and we’ll start designing the best desserts for our theme!



What People are Saying

“Favorite Cafe”

Good for breakfast, lunch, or snacks any time of day. Their cannoli are my favorite but their selection of sweet treats is endless. They have a nice dining area too. Great place for casual lunch or breakfast.


“Best Experience”

My wife ordered a spiced chai with steamed milk and absolutely loved it. I ordered a cappuccino and it was excellent. We also ordered a small apple tartlet and enjoyed it thoroughly. We will definitely be coming back!


“Extremely Delicious”

I go to Cafe Pierrot for all of my daughters birthday cakes and cupcakes! They’re the best and extremely delicious! Perfect every time!


“Light and Fluffy”

“We ordered a “Paw Patrol” vanilla cake  and coordinating cupcakes for my son’s birthday. Both were amazing delicious! The icing wasn’t dense but so light and fluffy! Thank you so much for your beautiful AND delicious artwork!